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Corporate Management Approach

Management Approach


Aktaş Holding considers the principles of "confidence" given by it to its stakeholders and "quality" in all actions carried out by it up to now and all strategic applications planned by it for the future as required by its corporate governance principles. 

Aktaş Holding, which protects its corporate values in each step taken by it diligently, has given priority to joint logic and participation in its "innovative" understanding guiding the sector, in its understanding of high quality production and service, its R&D activities and all final decision processes.    
Aktaş, which has integrated all technological applications required by the age in its existing system network in the global world dominated by the competitive capital, also gives a great importance to sustainability in line with its target to be the global brand. Aktaş, which prepared its plan chart for the future with the password of being "the global leader" in 2023, took its steps firmly and bravely in its challenging travel in 1938 and has been a global player in its sector today. 

Aktaş Holding, continuing to add value to the local, national and global economy, adopted it to give meaning to human, environment, nature in parallel with its productive and efficient management understanding and achieved to blend all existing values in Aktaş vision.

Business Ethics


Aktaş Holding accepts its responsibilities for applying and keeping alive the human responsibilities at the level of global principles in all business environments. In this framework, activities were conducted for corporate ethical principles aiming at contributing sustainability of the corporation by signing an ethical principles contract. In addition, our corporate policy includes the generally accepted concepts of honesty, acting in a principle, consistency.


Environmental Sensitivity


We take part in all kinds of social responsibility projects and act with an understanding adopted the "green" conscious adding value in development of the society. 

We carry out activities for the nature, culture and human with a more environment-friendly in parallel with the sustainable success and future vision. 

We give priority to the environment and "green" sensitivity in each step taken by us adopting the advanced technology applications in the present world where the resources are consumed rapidly and adopting the criterion of environmental sensitivity in all stages of the production processes for a more livable environment. 

We act with the sense of a great responsibility to protect the natural resources, prevent air and water pollution and develop applications adding value to the environment and nature in all operational processes. 

The reason is that we know very well that it is the primary duty of all of us to make the environmental conscious widespread in the society in general to leave a more livable and healthy environment to the future generations... 

From this point of view, we continue our activities intended for continuous improvement and development and also carry out all our applications diligently. 

In addition, we pay attention to include all our stakeholders in our environmental responsibility messages for efficient management of our stakeholders.

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