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Social Responsibility

Our principles


Our social responsibility understanding is intended to the sustainable future strategies based on environmental, social and corporate governance. 

Investments for the future and education are the investments of Aktaş Holding to contribute in training global citizen individuals. 

It was aimed at developing a systemic understanding by establishing Aktaş Education Foundation in 2011 for more effective management of the processes.

Our Social Responsibility Projects

Aktaş Holding and Ilkyar Foundation


We work and produce for our future, for future of our children and our children all across the country. It is the major desire of all of us to prepare them for this future. Our aim is to take steps together on the path initiated by ILKYAR to this dream, this purpose in each product produced and each work performed by us as Aktaş Holding. Produce more, work more and contribute more in our future, children and their education. 

To this end, Aktaş Holding granted a part of its incomes to Ilkyar Foundation.


Erden Eruç - Around-n-Over


Erden Eruç established the non-profitable Around-n-Over Foundation in order to share the experiences to be gained by him during his travels with muscle force especially with primary school students in 2003. 

Around-n-Over Foundation achieved information sharing with news and education contents during the "Altı Zirve" project which totally lasted 6 years displaying struggle of the human being with the nature only based on his own power. Thus, those experienced, learned and though during the travel were shared especially with the students. Around-n-Over Foundation and Erden Eruç aimed at opening a new window to introduce the world to the students with this project. Erden Eruç also provided contributions to the students in Turkey through ILKYAR Foundation. 

Aktaş  Holding supported Erden Eruç in this project for 5 years.




Is the largest student organization of the world established in 1948 in order to create an international platform for the youth to discover and develop their potentials and contribute in the world peace, providing its members with an opportunity of development and apprenticeship abroad. It has started to operate in Turkey in 1956 and operates in 11 cities. Institutions may provide apprenticeship opportunity to students coming from various countries of the world and educational institutions and students may participate in various projects of AIESEC. 

Aktaş Holding with its products sold in more than 90 countries aims at cultural exchanges and sharing by arranging apprenticeship for young students from various countries of the world.


Projects Directly Supporting Education

Aktaş Holding provides supports in developing and implementing school laboratories, computer workshops, technical and R&D projects by developing projects with its stakeholders for meeting requirements for improvement of education in the countries where it operates.


Environmental Contribution Projects

It is a target of Aktaş Holding to generate small forests for environmental contribution every year. In this framework, planning is made specific for the districts of operations and forestation efforts are made in cooperation with the public authorities.


Culture and Art Contributory Projects

Aktaş Holding supports cultural activities in the countries such as Bulgaria, China, America, Brazil and also contributes in international promotion of domestic art groups.

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