Board Chairman and CEO's Message

İlknur Aktaş
Board Chairman

Dear Shareholders of Aktaş Holding; 

With an understanding of “keeping the values alive”, Aktaş Holding has grown step by step since 1938 and continues to fill us with pride thanks to its each and every kind of detail in this 80-year-tale. 

As of 2018, this old and rooted plane tree, by whose foundation we are excited, grounds on change and transformation, reveals a strong vision and keeps working for corporate culture constantly. 

Of course, business world goes through a rapid change just like each and every area of our lives. 

And this change feels its presence on both levels of management and operation just to keep companies work and exist in the future. 

This deep-seated company, whose foundations were laid by late Sait Aktaş in a small workshop, has successfully come to these days with the help of Şahap Aktaş’s strong vision, entrepreneurial spirit and hard-working character.

As of April 2018, in the 80th year of our company, I am happy and excited to take on such an important mission as Chief Executive Officer. This is a relay race, without any doubt, and we will go on doing our best to carry the flag forward. 

The important point for our company is the sustainable success and a view for creating values. Our works for being the better and ultimately perfect will continue. As known, there are so few family businesses that end up with 3rd generation leaders. And we will continue our journey with the awareness of this important responsibility and also a dynamic structure. 

Aktaş Holding has already had the potential to do much better with its available human resources. 

In fact, our success is based on these competent human resources, which primarily leads us to invest in human labor.

On the other hand, we have focused on our social responsibilities in our 80th year. We aim to realize our corporate social responsibility works that add values to our society under the leadership of Aktaş Educational Foundation. 

To sum, we will work with the same determination to meet the expectations of tomorrow at its best through developing right strategies and setting the world on fire like how we did in the past. 

On this wise, I celebrate 80th year of Aktaş Holding and give my love and respect to everybody.

İlknur Aktaş / Aktaş Holding Board Chairman

Sami Erol
Board Member and CEO
Dear Shareholders of Aktaş Holding;   

As you all know, 2018 has a special importance for Aktaş Holding, which adds great value to both Turkey’s and world's economy... 

Since 1938, Aktaş Holding has had a tradition of growing and developing and now is celebrating the moment of foundation anniversary. 
First of all, I want to thank to our solution partners, employees and shareholders all around the world for their support that contributes to Aktaş Holding significantly. 

Our company, whose foundations were laid 80 years ago in a small workshop, has become one of the greatest actors in this global sector with its strong vision, right steps on the way of corporation, innovative approaches and global perspective... 

In the global markets where fierce competition takes the stage, we offer our products with the brand of  "Aktaş" produced under the leadership of  "value-creating" perspective and take on important responsibilities such as carrying this giant company of 80 years to bright future. 

Especially our studies for corporation and transformation have continued since the very first day of our establishment. 

In accordance with this perspective, we have specified the main theme of our company relevant to 2018 as "To Global Leadership with Digital Transformation in Each Area". 

With our R&D and innovation studies to which we give much more importance, we both lead the sector and sustain our studies efficiently to adapt the speed of developing technology. 

Within this scope, we will go on investing in information and technology without decelerating. We also will continue offering quality and special solutions in every field we are active through combining efficiency and innovative thinking just to respond customer demands as quickly as possible. 

Besides, we aim to keep working for Industry 4.0 during 2018. 

To sum, our company goes on growing and developing in every aspect. 

And I sincerely believe that we will be successful in the future just like today in terms of carrying this powerful brand of 80 years to the future. 

Our company, based on "global confidence, local sincerity", will preserve its identity that "creates value" for all shareholders with the same determination thanks to approaches that ground on the integration with the society. 

Sincerely yours,
Sami Erol /  Aktaş Holding Board Member and CEO
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