Board Chairman and CEO's Message

Şahap Aktaş
Board Chairman

Our Valuable Stakeholder,

We may see that there are many developments and advances in political, economic, cultural and social terms in our country in recent years. Turkey, where many developments were experienced in almost each field, continues with firm steps with its goal to be among the leading countries of the world. The process of growth of our country, which struggled against the economic crises recently, as a part of its vision and goal, will increasingly continue by participation of its young and dynamic population. 

Aktaş, started to operate as a small workshop, has achieved a position operating on 6 continents among the major firms of the world in the sector today. Of course, it is not an easy work to achieve this success. The actual difficult point is to make this success permanent. 

When we consider it in terms of Aktaş Holding with a part for 78 years; I can say that we had a very productive and successful year in and out of the country in parallel with our current goals. We continue to advance in a confident manner with firm steps towards our goal to become the global leader on the independent spare part market by 2023. 

While we take steps to our goals gradually; we will never compromise out values and principles. We make effort to establish a strong link with our customers, employees, stakeholders in line with our human-focused mission with a priority of quality because we know very well that the actual secret of success is to ensure satisfaction and smile of all factors forming us, holding us together and growing us. 

I have a full belief that we will reach our target audience with our successful and skillful management staff, equipped employees, understanding of service focused on customer satisfaction and carry the corporate value of Aktaş Holding to the peak point all together...

Best Regards and Love, 
Şahap Aktaş / Aktaş Holding Board Chairman

Sami Erol
Board Member and CEO
Our valuable business partners,

Valuable employees; we have carried our activities, as Aktaş Holding, in line with the mission of "sustainable productivity", "value creating" and "sustainable growth" since the day of our foundation. We aim at keeping pace with all kinds of process of change in the present worlds dominated by the information society and doing something about our corporate values and thus carrying Aktaş brand to the peak on the global market. 

Aktaş Holding, which is one of the firms having a voice on the independent spare part market in our country and in the world with our "Innovative" understanding, continues to add value to Bursa, being its place of foundation, and Turkey with a right, reliable, transparent, accountable, fair and responsible management understanding being the key elements of the corporate governance understanding.   

In addition, we aim at strengthening reputation of Aktaş brand with R&D activities and projects that we carry out in line with the sustainable success principle each passing day and adding value to our society with our social responsibility activities to which we pay a great attention.  

Aktaş Holding, established in 1938, is currently one of the global players of the sector, with its products sold in more than 100 countries on 6 continents, with its production and distribution facilities in 6 countries. The actual important issue here, as we mention on all occasions, is "Sustainability"... 

Our target is to maintain our growth with profitability focusing on risk management in a balanced manner by 2023. We desire to maintain the process of consistent growth with a logical planning and right and strategic lunges.  

Aktaş Holding will continue its activities with the same ambition and effort to find solutions for its target audience in the future like in the past. We will continue to advance with firm steps in line with our vision that we conduct in parallel with vision of Turkey for 2023 with the knowledge and experience owned by us.  

Best Regards, 
Sami Erol /  Aktaş Holding Board member and CEO
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