E-bulletins / 39. Issue
Sami Erol / Preface
We are vis-à-vis the world order, where the competition is everywhere. Thus, not only businesses, but also countries and even cities are competing…
File Subject: Making Difference in the Sector from the Business Perspective
In today's world, where the transition to the information society is becoming quicker, the firms are questing to create difference from the competitors and gain competitive advantage.
Ministry of Economy Visiting Aktaş Holding
Aktaş Holding at the production facilities in the Organized Industrial Zone hosted the delegation arrived to Bursa in the scope of "Ministry of Economy Expert Group Visits", organized for the purpose of raising awareness among the exporting companies. At the extremely fruitful meetings, Aktaş Holding history, areas of business, way from a small business to a big global player were shared with the Ministerial delegation, followed by visits to the company’s production facilities.
The Employees of Techno Aktaş Ran in 'Business Run Plovdiv' Marathon
The employees of Techno Aktaş ran in the 'Business Run Plovdiv' Marathon that was organized in Plovdiv city for the first time, attended by over 30 multinational companies in 50 teams and also attracted over 200 amateur sportsmen.
Family Day Celebration at Techno Aktaş
Aktaş Holding, one of the world's biggest companies producing air suspension systems with its production facility in Bulgaria Techno Aktaş, brought together employees and their families at the Family Day event with large turnout, where the participants found a chance to entertain and let off steam.
An effort from Sami Erol to contribute to the Business life in Bursa
Board Member and CEO of Aktaş Holding Sami Erol, targeting spread of corporate governance concept in Bursa and throughout the country, and to this end, joining an important process, became a real adhesive power in realization of "Why Corporate Governance?" themed Bursa Business Community Panel under Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD).
Being an Intern at Aktaş
First of all, to be accepted as an intern to such corporative and large institution may cause both satisfaction and anxiety.
29th of October Republic Day - Congratulation Message
We are happy to celebrate with the emotions of the first day the 94th anniversary of our Republic, gained by Turkish people altogether, with tremendous self-devotion and epic heroism.
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