Kapat Ikon
Preamble - We focus on the future with the strength we derive from our deep-rooted corporate culture

Dear Aktaş Stakeholders;

We can suggest that many parameters are important for corporations in their journey to success: Focusing on change, innovative perspective, vision, goals, qualified human resources, etc.

Apart from these, one of the essential points for success is undoubtedly the existence of a strong corporate culture.

Because companies that have this culture and manage to carry their values ​​ to the present always come up with success stories in the world.

For our company, which has always been a pioneer in the sector since 1938, this concept has been one of the most valuable keys of its success story of more than 80 years.

As a matter of fact, our company, which has an understanding where sustainable development and quality dominate, values ​​are produced and kept alive, has prioritized creating value since the first day of its foundation.

We continue to take responsibility to internalize this approach in the best way at all levels of our company.

In addition, we continue to take firm steps towards our strong forward-looking goals with an understanding in which values are kept alive.

While doing this, we direct our work with the aim of providing the highest level of added value to our country and the global economy.

Therefore, as Aktaş Holding, we aim to carry the legacy we have received from our past to the future in the best way possible.

We always focus on the future with the strength we derive from our deep-rooted corporate culture. With this awareness, our work will continue.

Best regards,

R. Serkan AKTAŞ


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