10. Anniversary Excitement In Techno Aktaş, The Production Base Of Aktaş Holding In Bulgaria

Aktas Holding's production base in Bulgaria and providing significant added value to the regional economy, Techno Aktaş continues to grow with the priority of sustainable growth and value creation.

This year, Techno Aktas, who was inaugurated in 2008 by Aktas Holding, where the 80th anniversary enthusiasm was experiencing, celebrated its 10th anniversary with a large participatory organization.

The organization realized at the production facilities of Techno Aktaş in Plovdiv (Plovdiv) city welcomed Plovdiv Consul General of the Republic of Turkey Huseyin Ergani and the Bulgarian Association of Turkish Businessmen (BULTİŞ) Vice Chairman Donka Koleva, as well as RUMELİSİAD members, senior management and employees of Aktas Holding.

We have always dreamt of these days

Şahap Aktaş, the Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aktas Holding, who made the opening speeches of the organization, said, "In 2008, when we launched Techno Aktaş's foundations, we always dreamed of these days. Despite the challenging competition conditions, we are living the happiness of leaving 10 years behind by working with self-sacrifice. I hope that Techno Aktaş's celebrations will continue with the same excitement in the 50th year and the 100th year. Techno Aktaş, which provides very important added value to both Bulgaria and Europe with its successful works, is doing very beautiful and privileged work with its identity integrated with the society. The important issue at this point is to make such activities sustainable. "

The targets of Aktaş Holding never end

Speaking after Şahap Aktaş, Aktaş Holding Board Member and Chief Executive Officer Sami Erol emphasized that Techno Aktaş has made a serious breakthrough since the first day and has become an exemplary institution with the high value added to Bulgaria and the European economy.

Erol said: "Developing customer-focused and trust-based relationships Techno Aktaş; As an important part of Aktas Holding's global vision, it shapes the future journey with certain steps. Bulgaria is a country we value and care about. We also have very important forward-looking targets for Bulgaria, which is a gateway to Europe. As a matter of fact, the targets of Aktas Holding, which has a strong structure all over the world, from the United States to Brazil and from Bulgaria to China as of today, never end."

We focus on global leadership with digital transformation in every field

Stating that "At the point of carrying our company, which celebrates 80th anniversary this year and have a deep-rooted history, to the future, we will continue to work as responsible individuals" Erol continues: "As we continue to develop strategies based on R&D and innovation, we focus on ‘being a global leader with digital transformation in every area’. Particularly within the scope of works for Industry 4.0; 'Digital Transformation', 'Corporate Transformation' and 'Strategic Transformation' studies continue to work on our next journey. Aktas Holding, currently being a global player in the sector, is determined to move our strong identity around the world to an even better spot by continuing to invest in knowledge and technology."

We wish the companies like Aktas Holding to increase in number

Participating in the organization, Republic of Turkey Plovdiv Consul General Huseyin Ergani stated that he wished the companies like Aktaş Holding to increase in number emphasizing that Aktas Holding carried out several exemplary works on economic development on both country and international level.

BULTİŞ Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Donka Koleva emphasized that the relations between the two countries are getting better every year and stating that the bonds of fraternity that has been going on for many years between the countries have brought precious results such as investments like Tekno Aktaş and that such investments have provided important gains for both countries.

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