Coding Training for Children from Aktaş Education Foundation

Aktaş Education Foundation, which was established in order to realize the corporate social responsibility projects which are harmonious with the nature and which adds collective value in the body of Aktas Holding, has added a new circle to its exemplary practices.

Aktaş Education Foundation realized 'coding training' for working children of Aktaş Holding within the scope of support activities for the students, which is one of the corporate areas of activity.

On Saturday, May 26, the children in the training, sponsored by Açık Atölye (Maker) company, first installed a robot. Later, the children who added the coding to the robots, made the robots walked according to the instructions they gave.

Our training activities will continue

Recalling that the training activity was extremely fruitful for children, Aktaş Education Foundation Board Chairman İlknur Aktaş said, "We aimed to explain the importance of coding for our children in the field of digitization in order to capture and protect this change in the rapidly developing and changing world within the scope of coding training. Because developing technology brings with the importance and necessity of coding. As Aktaş Education Foundation we will continue to support them in the name of bringing up our children in the best way. In this respect, the training activities we attach great importance will continue at full speed."

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