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Coding or aka programming is the activity of processing a computer sequence, electronic circuits or mechanical systems into a sequence of instructions. In our age, programming has become a very important tool by combining electronic circuits and mechanical parts. Therefore, the coding skill is of great importance in the sense of dominating electronics and mechanics.

The Importance of Coding

Coding improves our problem-solving skills and our logical abilities. That's how it teaches us to think better. If we approach it from another angle, the coding also teaches us to be patient. Because we have to be patient to learn and improve how to write code. You do not have to be genius for that either. It is enough to be determined.

It requires sequential operations as we have mentioned in the coding definition. This is actually associated to our everyday life. It allows us to acclimate and adapt to routine tasks that we do on a daily basis. The coding practitioner develops his / her research skills by applying the resources around him or Internet when he or she has the chance to solve the problem. The development of research skills leads to self-learning. From this we can say that coding makes it easier and stronger to learn.

We are also faced with many problems that need to be solved in everyday life. In order to solve these problems, we need to be flexible and creative in our minds, and sometimes we need to be able to think independently of time and place. At this point we can say that coding gives us flexibility, creativity, space and time for independent thinking skills. Because when coding, we have to apply all of these skills to solve a problem.

Computer programmers, or those who deal with coding, are known to be introverted or asocial people by society. However, this is a mistaken idea. Computer programming is an activity that requires team work rather than individual work. With coding, you can communicate with people you do not know at any point in the world, share them, create groups and organize events. Since our epoch is a communication age, it is possible to communicate even with the institutions or persons who seem to be impossible and reachable both in terms of communication and sharing.

Coding is a tool that allows us to do things better and faster. The way in which we do business with the programs or software produced is drastically changing. Work done in agriculture, health, education, industry and many other areas is becoming easier with the influence of computers, electronics and software. This creates new business opportunities with new opportunities. This is the most important factor that increases entrepreneurship.

With Industry 4.0, the withdrawal of muscle power from production will be the issue. However, the power of the brain and the information economy will increase, many of the existing professions will be abandoned and new generations of professions will emerge. As shown in the chart, 63% of US jobs are expected to face the risk of automation (computerization) within 10 years. It can be said that this situation will affect the whole world with our country. New business opportunities that may arise in our country may not be filled. To be able to keep pace with the new era that will emerge with Industry 4.0 at this point, not everyone but the professional person needs to learn coding. In communication, in monetary transactions, we are connected to the information technology of the industry and we are not able to write or read any of the codes. If we want to make money and change the world, we must strengthen our computer programming abilities. In order to keep up with the pace of the era, we also undertake our responsibility as Açık Atölye (Open Workshop). We intend to introduce the seventy-seventh all-in-one coding by acting in anticipation that tomorrow's programmers will form the basis of our future. We aim to remove the open minds of tomorrow from Açık Atölye. Let's take a step for coding and our future.

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