Preface: Aktaş Holding Comes to Fore Front in Competition with Branding

Dear Aktaş Holding shareholders,

We are going through a period when the competition feels very intense in almost every arena and the difference maker can survive in this competitive environment.

Technology in the New World order shows such a rapid acceleration of growth that it is inevitable that companies and even countries should invest in this field and concentrate on branding studies for the continuity of this.

At this point, focusing on value-added in production and placing emphasis on branding efforts should be a key global priority for companies.

Acting in line with the goal of branding at a global level, Aktas Holding is continuing to work on behalf of branding on a global scale with the support of differentiation by R&D and innovation activities and also by initiatives like Turquality.

At this point, we act in the manner required by the globalized world economy; we continue to carry out our activities with a focus on sustainable success in product development, software technology and production of parts with know-how.

So, in the process of branding, it is essential to achieve sustainability.

With this understanding, we are working with branding studies, especially focusing on digital transformation, and we are working on this field effective and result oriented work.

Our one and only goal is to position the Aktas Holding brand in the best possible way on a global scale. We aim to continue our activities that will create value for it in full speed.

Best regards,


Aktaş Holding Member of Board

Chief Executive Officer

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