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Aktaş Holding Meets With Students At Uludağ University Career Fair

Always making an effort to come together with young people, who are our future after all, on any platform, Aktaş Holding met with university students at the booth they set up at the Career Fair organized by Uludağ University.


At the Career Fair organized by Uludağ University Career Application and Research Center (KARMER) on March 9-10, Aktaş Holding garnered a lot of attention from the students. The students had the opportunity to receive detailed information about Aktaş Holding as well as applying for job openings and internships.


During the two days, Aktaş Holding HR Specialist Ayşegül Dönmez and Aktaş Holding HR Specialist Gülver Şen in addition to Aktaş Holding HR Manager Gökmen Turan assisted and personally interacted with the students at the event that took place in Prof. Dr. Mete Cengiz Cultural Center.


"We Will Continue To Meet With Students At Every Chance We Get"


Remarking that the Uludağ University Career Fair has been very productive for Aktaş Holding, Aktaş Holding Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Executive Board Sami Erol stated that as representatives of the business world, they will continue to provide all the support they can for students getting ready for the future, and added that Aktaş Holding values young people tremendously as a way to contribute to social progress.


Underlining that, as Aktaş Holding, they will continue to be part of such important organizations just as they have done in the past, Erol also stated that corporate companies have an important responsibility to help young people to plan their careers and be able to reach their goals and ideals for the future. Erol added that, in this regard, career fair get-togethers lead to very beneficial outcomes for the students.

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