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Sami Erol Talked To AIESEC Students About "The Path To Success"

Aktaş Holding Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Executive Board Sami Erol meets with students and young people often, and continues to relay to them what they should do to be successful during their career journeys drawing from his own personal and professional experiences.


Sami Erol shared his valuable insights with students at the 5th annual Sustainable Success Platform '16 organized by the AIESEC Bursa branch, which aims to bring professional opportunities to university students, attended by the business world's many professionals who has had successful leadership experiences during their career in the international arena as well as in Bursa.


Erol emphasized how the students should position themselves as ‘world citizens’ during the process of becoming qualified individuals at the Sustainable Success Platform, where the goal is to inspire students to graduate as individuals with a global perspective, aware of the importance of leadership and entrepreneurship in every aspect of life, highly self-aware and solution-oriented, with input from large-scale companies and experienced business people.


"Try To Be A World Citizen"

Acting also as the AIESEC Bursa Branch Honorary President of Board of Advisors, Sami Erol stated that AIESEC organizes and encourages influential activities to help the students to develop a world view, and added that these meetings with the business world provide significant outcomes for the youth at a time when they are developing their personal and professional qualifications.


Erol said: "The people, institutions or countries that do not plan and prepare for the future are left behind hoping to be included in others' plans. What is important here is that planning for your future right, and cultivating a holistic approach for your life. Every person is a world unto themselves... Do not let your past failures shape your future. AIESEC is an important force for realizing your potential. The important thing is you nurture a personal vision and improve yourself as much as you can on the path to world citizenship."


"It Is Important To Manage Life Well"


Reminding everyone that life is not always full of opportunities for success or solely fraught with problems that lead to failures, Erol said: "The important thing that will enhance your life is to face and tackle the challenges life throws at you. You will improve as a person when you are proactive, when you think about the consequences and the possible outcomes before you start something, prioritize important tasks, adopt a     win-win approach, try to first understand and then explain, create synergy and strive for integrity. You should pursue your personal and professional development in the direction of the qualifications that you need for the goals you want to reach. Principles and values will always be prominent in your future. Thinking like a visionary, having a holistic understanding, and creating a value should be priorities for you in order to be successful. There is no doubt that this is the only path to sustainable success. To be able to create a value either from the head or the heart or any other way, and to adopt a culture of values, would make a person happy throughout their life. You should be self-confident and be able to manage change and transformation. For this, you should be able to first integrate yourself, and then your environment to this transformation."


The interactive meeting where the participants also had the chance to ask Sami Erol questions, was very productive for the students. After the speeches, AIESEC Bursa Branch awarded Sami Erol with an appreciation plaque for sharing his valuable insights and contributions.

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