Kapat Ikon
March 8 International Women's Day

As one of the most essential values of life, women are the symbol of productivity and dedication, as well as a source of love and compassion with their utmost devotion in every aspect of life.


Women are cornerstones of a peaceful, healthy and modern society. For the women in our lives, who fulfill all of their responsibilities successfully in every aspect of business and social life ranging from education, to health, art and sports, the date March 8 is a day that is one of the most special days of solidarity when we express our desire for equality, justice, and a more peaceful life. It is deservedly celebrated all around the world with enthusiasm.


We are increasingly witnessing that women, the backbone of raising and educating a family, are becoming much more active and successful in all aspects of life with very effective and prosperous endeavors in our country just like all around the world.


As the Aktaş Holding family, we wholeheartedly celebrate 'March 8 International Women's Day' and wish all women a healthy, peaceful and successful future with their loved ones.

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