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Aktaş Holding CEO Sami Erol has been honoured by Europe's Biggest Quality Convention

As the owner of the brands that perform direct exports to over 100 countries around the world to take their place in the world's leading companies in their sector, both in economical prowess and as the pioneers of innovation, Aktaş Holding and its CEO Sami Erol had their names praised at the biggest quality convention of Europe: KalDer 24th Annual Quality Convention.


At the 24th Annual Quality Convention KalDer organized, business world's prominent figures came together once again in order to discuss and evaluate problems and solution proposals for management world's quality issues, and to plan accordingly to ensure our country takes and keeps its rightful place in the business world. Aktaş Holding CEO Sami Erol was chosen to be awarded with a plaque at “Envoys of Perfection Award Ceremony” which was done for the first time in the convention's history.


This year “Sustention of Perfection” themed extensive convention took place at Istanbul Convention Center. Erol who had served as a member of board for 4 terms, 7 years as the chairman of the executive board, and also was one of the founders of the KalDer Association, expressed his gratitude to the people who found him worthy of this meaningful award at the convention.


“The Key Feature of Quality is Sustainability”


For the 2 days duration of the convention participants from business, art, and media have come together to discuss ever changing market conditions, socioeconomic and political effects, new technologies, and competitive elements affecting corporate companies. As the receiver of the honor of “Envoy of Perfection” Sami Erol commented the issues and pointed out that quality is the prominent feature in every phase and area of our lives; and especially for the corporations, the way of sustaining success lies through the quality standards.


“Value Producing Efforts Should Be the Priority”


Erol asserted that in the global world of today it holds great importance for corporate companies to prioritize their goals in the direction of sustainability of success, and said “No matter which sector the company operates, in every kind of product and service that is being provided, companies are required to mind the level of quality as well as productivity and profits; and also the expectations and changing demands of the future as well as today's needs. Corporate brands are bound to give importance on continuous improvement, and create values, and make sure to use economic development methods and tools in most effective and correct ways. As Aktaş Holding, in our every planning and execution processes towards the future, we pay great attention to prioritize quality and integrate it with our innovative perspective to create values. For every company that operates in the global scale, these principles and values should be center of their efforts.”

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