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Aktaş Holding Invests 30 Million TL

As the owner of the brands that perform direct exports to over 100 countries around the world to take their place in the world's leading companies in their sector, both in economical prowess and as the pioneers of innovation, Aktaş Holding, in order to achieve integrated production and sustainable productivity, plans to move its production facilities which reside in Kestel OIS currently and operate in five separate buildings, to the recently founded factory, by the end of 2015.


The new factory which was founded with an investment around 30 Million TL, has 20 thousand square meter indoor space and is designed completely in line with Aktaş Holding production models to produce air suspension systems. With the completion of the construction the new factory, five buildings that reside in Kestel will be moved to Bursa Organized Industrial Site. With this move, Aktaş Holding will be taking a large step towards its 2023 goals.


Aktaş Holding Chairman of the Executive Board Sami Erol gave information about the process of moving, and stated that they have been in the preparation phase for this move for a long time, and that this development was one of the steps that has been taken around the globe in order to achieve a global organization structure in the production centers.


Erol also informed that Aktaş Holding will be coming with the news of new type of products soon, and added; “With this new investment, Aktaş Holding owns a sum of 35 thousand square meter indoors area in Turkey, and over 50 thousand square meter indoors area around the world; including production, sales, and logistics offices and studios. Just under the transportation category, our annual production value will rise from 2,5 million units to 3 million units. Considering the other growth aiming steps we take in the areas of construction, green energy, and our new investment area of industrial products, we can safely say Aktaş Holding will keep making an impact in a global scale.”


Sami EROL : “We Will Grow Over 25 Percent in 2015”


Sami Erol defined their goal as growth over 25 percent in year 2015 and explained: “Our Airtech, Aircomfort, Aktaş, and Lineflex brands of various sectors sell in over 100 countries around the world. We operate on important locations around the world such as Bulgaria, Germany, USA, Brazil, China, and Turkey. We keep an eye on economic developments around the globe. For this reason, we define our goals accordingly, in line with our globally scaled structure.”

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