Kapat Ikon
Aktaş Holding ran at Eurasia

Aktaş Holding continues to successfully attend global scaled organizations. As a company aware of the fact that its economic success roots on its social responsibility and awareness, and continuous attendance of social projects; Aktaş Holding attended the 37th Vodafone Istanbul Marathon which took place on November 15th.


Souvenir Trophies Were Handed Out


Annual Eurasia Marathon, which took place 37th time this year, saw a high level of participation once again. The marathon gave start at Bosphorus and ended in Sultanahmet At Square, in front of the Egyptian Obelisk.  Participants successfully completing the marathon within five and a half hours were awarded with a souvenir trophy. The Marathon overall had an energetic pace and some memorable events.


Team of 13 Attended the Marathon


As the leading company of its sector and a prominent actor of the society with its social responsibility projects, Aktaş Holding puts importance on attending social events. With its blue and white collar employees, Aktaş Holding took its place among the thousands that attended the 37th Eurasia Marathon.

After the completion of the exciting and pleasant social event, Aktaş Holding team returned to Bursa with souvenir trophies.

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