Kapat Ikon
Sami Erol - Preface

July 10th is announced as “world law day” in all democratic countries according to the decision taken in a conference called as “world peace through law”, performed in Geneva of Switzerland in 1967.

The word law is one of the factors having so much importance and coming to forefront for all countries of the world and the societies in it, not just specific to the individuals in today’s world.

In the frame of the supremacy of law, which is one of the most important guarantees of human rights and freedom, justice, each individual should request that these rights are applied for the other people he/she lives together, not for just him/herself.

The law systems which are not equal or fair, unfortunately, reveal bad examples at a lot of points in the world, especially in our close geography.

For our tomorrows, when peace and serenity is dominant, people are more participative and respectful to each other, law is applied for everybody, happy “world law day” of everybody, especially our lawyers who present an intense struggle on this.


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