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New investments in Germany by Ak-Izo

Ak-Izo, which is in the building group of Aktaş holding, continues taking important steps in order for realizing various commercial relations with different companies for the future in the scope of the meetings which each one is important from each other, which she performs in and outside the country.

While AK-Izo, finally, went to Germany in the frame of a series of visiting, she gathered with the important players of the company on EPDM membrane here.

In the negotiations realized for 3 days, while important steps are taken for making commercial cooperation, while Ak-Izo, gathering with the DURAPROOF company, which is among the best companies of the industry, in the first date of the visit, negotiating for the possible cooperation with the company, it was also decided that the next visit will be in the DOSAB location of Aktaş Holding in July.

In the second day of the visits realized in Germany, negotiations on the mutual commerce were made with WOLFIN company, which is in the organization of ICOPAL Holding and which maintains all water insulation covers, other than EPDM membrane, in the production / sales portfolio.

In the last day of the visits which Ak-Izo performed in Germany, while mutual information sharing was made related with EPDM membrane sales with DADO company, with Netherland origin, on sales dealership in the BENELUX countries which consist of Belgium, Netherland and Luxemburg, the negotiations passed extremely productive.

“Ak-Izo is hopeful for the future”

Sami Erol, chief executive officer and member of the board of directors of Aktaş Holding, stating that Ak-Izo takes great interest from the representatives of the sector in such meetings which are performed in many regions of the world and where the important players of the sector come together, remarked that the successful activities they indicated until today form important references in the name of the future and said that his belief that there will be important returns in a short time as a result of the negotiations performed in Germany is full.


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