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Aktaş Holding goes on attack in rail systems

Aktaş Holding, managed the important investments by bringing her expertise in the air suspension systems to the rails, does cooperation agreements with the international giant companies in parallel with the approaches encouraging the domestic investor in the country.

Aktaş Holding, which did improvement in all her strategies align with the world leadership targets in the sector in 2023, with both activities in managerial basis and productivity oriented competitive approach especially in the years, started to receive the results of these activities.

Aktaş Holding, signing partnership activities with the leading companies of the world on the rail systems, has started the activities for the Kabataş-Mahmutbey metro line tender in Istanbul with French ALSTOM company in this scope and sent proposal requests to the suppliers at the point of meeting the being domestic conditions.

While the SOP (serial production) date, determined for the Kabataş-Mahmutbey Metro project, which is a project with 300 vehicles, is planned as May of 2017, Aktaş Holding speeded up her activities according to this target.

While Aktaş Holding which aims superior product quality and competitive price in the rail systems, is seen as an important business partner by ALSTOM company because of her 100% capital structure and expertise in rubber, important results revealed in the negotiations made accordingly.

“We will make cooperation with the giants of the world in the train bellows production”

Sami Erol, chief executive officer and member of the board of directors of Aktaş Holding, stating that they will increase their activities for the growth target in difference systems such as rail systems and defense industry as well as the capacity increase as the new factory of Aktaş Holding is completed, said “Now, while we, as Aktaş Holding, perform our productions towards the rail systems, we will make cooperation with much more companies in the future periods. Yet, now, our certain cooperation with the giants of the world continues based on projects. We will give great importance to the train bellow production too in the scope of our investments in both national market and in the international area. As our new factory is completed, we will come to the serial production stage in this subject too.”


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