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Aktaş Holding will gather the facilities in Bursa under single roof with an investment of 30 million TL

Aktaş Holding, among the leading companies of the world in the industries like transportation, building and green energy, has taken the decision to collect the facilities located in Bursa under single roof for accessing the new markets efficiently and fast, renewing the machineries and increasing the productivity.

Aktaş Holding moves the production facilities placed in 3 different locations to her factory build according to the production model of Aktaş Holding and which has a closed area of 20 thousand square meters, located inside the Bursa organized industrial zone. Aktaş Holding, making an investment amounting 30 million TL in total, would be taken a very important step too according to her 2023 targets with this thrust.

Sami Erol, chief executive officer and member of the board of directors of Aktaş Holding, providing information on the process of moving to the new factory, stated that they were in a preparation of this work for a long time and said that collecting the facilities in Bursa under single roof was realized as a requirement of global organization structure of Aktaş Holding.

“Abroad investments will be made …”

Giving the information that Aktaş Holding will share the news for new products and abroad investment thrusts within a short time, Erol said “With the existing investment we did, while we reach a closed area of 35 thousand square meters in Turkey, we will be going above 50 thousand square meters in total as production, sales and distributing across the world. Our annual global production volume will raise to 3 million units from 2, 5 million units only in the transportation group. Considering that we do the same growth thrusts in the building and green energy groups too, Aktaş Holding will make an impression in the next 5 years.”

“We will grow 40 percent in 2015”

Conveying that they target a growth of 40 percent in 2015, Sami Erol said “Our products are sold more than 90 countries in different sectors with our Airtech, Aircomfort, Aktaş, and Lineflex brands. We have activities in important locations like Bulgaria, Germany, USA, Brazil, China, and Turkey. We closely follow the economic developments in the world. Because of this, we determine all our investment targets according to our structure across the world.”

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