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Tips For Preparing A Good CV and Having A Successful Interview, From Turan To Students

Aktaş Holding Human Resources Manager Gökmen Turan met with university students as part of the talks at Uludağ University Career Fair.


Gökmen Turan gave a talk titled ‘Tips For Preparing A Good CV and A Successful Interview’, and by giving examples from his own experience about 'Recruitment and Interviewing Techniques', he provided suggestions about the interview from the point of view of the applicant as well as the employer.


Pointing out that the interview process also gives the applicant a chance to get an idea about the company's work atmosphere, priorities of the job description, and management policy and methods, Turan said: "The length of the interview may vary depending on the number of candidates and the company's recruitment policy. The most important qualities that a company looks for in a candidate are confidence, ability to motivate oneself, knowing oneself and being aware of one's own value, intelligence, attention, critical thinking and problem solving abilities, team work and communication skills, eagerness to learn, professionalism, leadership, flexibility, adapting to the corporate culture and using one's abilities appropriately, strategic analysis, decisiveness, entrepreneurial abilities, honesty, a strong character and innovativeness.”


"Analyze Yourself"

Remarking "Knowing your skills and abilities will make it easier to look for a job." Turan continued by saying: "This way you can discover the wide range of your career choices. You will be able to demonstrate to the employer that you have a career plan even if you have not settled on a specific position, and your confidence in yourself will grow when gathering information about the job opportunities and submitting applications. Try to get as much information as you can about the company you are applying to. Talk to the current employees or your friends who are doing internships at the company to learn about the company's management strategies, culture, and values. Carefully review the company's statistics, products/services, departments, locations and employees. The key to being successful at the interview is to be prepared for any possible questions and having a thought-out schema of how you could answer these questions."


The students paid very close attention to the presentation; and afterwards, as part of the interactive format of the talk, they had the opportunity to ask questions to Gökmen Turan.

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