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Techno Aktaş Supports Bulgaria's Traditional 'Martenitsa Day'

As one of the most essential values of life, women are the symbol of productivity and dedication, as well as a source of love and compassion with their utmost devotion in every aspect of life.


Women are cornerstones of a peaceful, healthy and modern society. For the women in our lives, who fulfill all of their responsibilities successfully in every aspect of business and social life ranging from education, to health, art and sports, the date March 8 is a day that is one of the most special days of solidarity when we express our desire for equality, justice, and a more peaceful life. It is deservedly celebrated all around the world with enthusiasm.


We are increasingly witnessing that women, the backbone of raising and educating a family, are becoming much more active and successful in all aspects of life with very effective and prosperous endeavors in our country just like all around the world.


As the Aktaş Holding family, we wholeheartedly celebrate 'March 8 International Women's Day' and wish all women a healthy, peaceful and successful future with their loved ones.

Aktaş Holding's manufacturing base in Bulgaria, Techno Aktaş supports the local community's traditions and celebrations, and strives to give back to the community, demonstrating its loyalty to its core principle of social responsibility in addition to its contributions to the Bulgarian economy and the world economy.


As the latest of these activities, Techno Aktaş employees took part in the festivities of the Bulgarian citizens' celebration of Martenitsa that took place on March 1, a special day that is considered the symbol of love, happiness and luck.


"All of Bulgaria's People Participate"


Young and old alike, all people participate in the March 1 celebrations in Bulgaria, and Techno Aktaş employees also joined them. Celebrated as a tradition in Bulgaria for hundreds of years, the story of Martenitsa is told as follows:


"Martenitsa is based on the Legend of Khan Kubrat. Khan Kubrat is a Bulgarian ruler who lived in the seventh century. He has five sons and a daughter. As his will, he tells them to protect the ties between the Bulgarian tribes on his deathbed. However, they cannot withstand the attacks of Khazars, and they set out in search of new lands. Khan of the Khazars takes their sister Huba prisoner, and one of the boys, Bayan, stays with Huba. When the older siblings find a new land, they tie a golden thread on the leg of a bird, and send it to Bayan and Huba. When the imprisoned siblings see this sign, they decide to run away and while they are passing Danube River, Bayan is shot with an arrow. Then Huba ties a thread stained with her brother's blood to the leg of the bird that has been following them, and sends it to her brothers. The brothers open the doors of the new land to Huba and Bayan. After that day, Bulgarians adorn the soldier's uniforms with red and white threads. They name those red and white threads after the month of March, when these events took place and call them Martenitsa. After that day, every March 1st, all Bulgarians fasten red and white Martenitsas to each other’s clothing. The Martenitsa becomes the symbol of love, happiness and luck."

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