Kapat Ikon
March 22 - World Water Day

Water is a key element for all living things. To draw attention to the growing necessity of protecting and expanding the availability of clean and drinkable water sources for the future of our country and the world, March 22 has been accepted as "World Water Day" as part of the 1993 United Nations General Assembly resolutions.


"World Water Day" was established to raise awareness for more effective and efficient use of resources, and to incentivize taking the right steps for solving the clean water problem growing day by day, however, there is a lot of responsibilities for all mankind to fulfill to ensure proper management of water every moment, not just March 22.


As each and every member of the Aktaş Holding family, we express our continued attention to this issue with the utmost sense of responsibility. We are deservedly proud to be doing our part for the protection and expansion of clean water sources with nature-friendly EPDM membranes developed by AK-İZO with superior R&D technology.


On 'March 22 World Water Day', which is celebrated with various events held all around the world, we would like to remind everyone of the big responsibilities that befall all of us to leave behind cleaner water sources for the next generations. With the belief that conservation efforts in this regard should be integrated into all segments of society, we celebrate "World Water Day".

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