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Techno Aktas Met with University Students in Bulgaria

As a holding that operates on global scale, Aktaş Holding makes a name not only in Turkey, but also around the world with its events aiming towards the new generation and students  to meet and aid their adaptation process to the business life.


Latest example of these events was the Career Days organized by Tekno Aktas, in Plovdiv Technical University, in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


At the 7th Career Days Event that took place this year at Plovdiv Technical University, around 50 companies attended the organisation. Techno Aktas met with the students and relayed important information about the business life; and also presented the opportunity to the students to join in the company as an intern.


Board Member Sinan Emin, Human Resources Manager Daniela Savovave, and Human Resources Specialist Hazel Kamber attended the event to represent Tekno Aktas.


“Tekno Aktas Drew Heavy Attention from the Students”


University students paid great attention to Techno Aktas stand at the 7th Career Days Event, and had the chance to direct their questions about the business world and the company to the representatives.


“Skilled Workforce has Great Importance”


Aktaş Holding Chief of Executive Officer Sami Erol expressed his satisfaction with the interest shown towards the Techno Aktas stand at the event; and pointed out the importance and effectiveness of such events for students and companies. Erol stressed the importance of introducing the new generation to the business world and the companies, and the need to incorporate young skilled workforce into the companies, not only in Turkey, but around the globe as well.

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