Kapat Ikon
"Cabotage day"

The cabotage law, which rescued the commercial rights from the control of the foreigners, together with the sea transportation between the waters and ports of Turkey and granting these rights only to Turkish ships and citizens is celebrated with various activities as “maritime and cabotage day” since it was put into effect in July 1st, 1926.

With the cabotage law, our country announced her sovereignty and full independency in her own territorial waters and Turkish maritime assumed a stated growing every day as the means provided from our seas are increased and the resources are brought to the economy.

Our country, surrounded with seas at three sides and has two important straits, gives the required importance to the maritime sector as required by the geopolitical position she is in and conducts the activities required in accordance with this with great care.

Ghazi commander Mustafa Kemal Ataturk emphasized the importance he gave the maritime and his confidence to the people of the country in this direction by saying that “We should consider maritime as the big national ideal of Turk and succeed it in a short time.”

We, as Aktaş Holding, would like to celebrate the July 1st, maritime and cabotage day with our most sincere feelings and wish success to all our sailors …


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