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Aktaş Education Foundation reveals the photography abilities of youth in Orhaneli

Aktaş Education Foundation continues realizing the projects, each is more precious from each other, in the scope of the social responsibility activities.

Aktaş Education Foundation, in parallel with the social responsibility activities, finally, has started an important activity in the region in order to develop the abilities of the children and youth who are far from the social life in the villages of Orhaneli at the point of photograph shooting, to support these skills, to reintegrate them to the social life and to create a difference in their approach to life by ensuring that young talents.

For the contest which was started in July 06th, and will continue until September 25th, Aktaş Education Foundation acting in cooperation with the Municipality of Orhaneli, targets to take an important step for integrating the children and youth in the region to the social live by rewarding the photographers who are successful as a result of the contest.

“We will continue our activities oriented to our youth”

İlknur Aktaş, president of the board of directors of Aktaş Education Foundation, who stated that they, as Aktaş Education Foundation, will continue to the activities for increasing the interaction of the children and youth who are in the regions where social live is not much adequate level, within the society with different experiences, expressed that they consider the photography contest with the subject of “the Colors of my Village”, the perform in accordance with this, as very important.

“The awards will be delivered to the owners in October 14th

Aktaş, conveying that each participant may participate in the contest consisting of the participants at 12-17 age range, who are resident in the villages of Orhaneli, with at most 3 photographs, made the descriptions that “After the period stated for the contest, the awards will be distributed for the first 3 successful photographs in October 14th. We will exhibit these photographs in December 15th. For the photographs, Cavit Zırtlan, Education Consultant of the Municipality of Orhaneli, also gets the applications there and at the same time the participants can direct the photographs they took to info@aktasegitimvakfi.com too. We, as Aktaş Education Foundation, will continue such activities in the upcoming periods too.”


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