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Aktaş Holding communication team establishes a bridge between management and employees

Aktaş Holding has started one more new activity in her organization in order to be able to strengthen the communication activities between the board of directors and employees and to direct the requests and expectations in a more efficient way.

While the “communication team” is established in the organization of the Aktaş Holding in order to manage the communication process between the board of directors and production employees in an efficient way, it is targeted that the team assumes the role of bridge between the management and employees.

While the communication team established for creating a corporate culture in order to understand correctly and meet in a balanced way the expectations of the stakeholders with a participative management approach and to have contribution to its spread to all employees through efficient communication consists of at most 9 individuals, the team members will be determined once a year and it can do change depending on the opinion of the management of the company in the intermediary periods.

The basic purpose: increasing the productivity of the company and sustainable success

While the team which has no official characteristics has no authority to have a managerial decision and application, increasing the company’s productivity and ensuring the sustainable success are in the basic work logic of the team.

According to the “internal communication team working directive” issued: “New members may be added to the team as well as the members may leave the team or be replaced with the knowledge of the management. The team, instead of having decisions, gives recommendations and supports that the decisions taken are performed. The members, the shifts of which are suitable, should follow the meeting place, date and time decided mutually unless there is a mandatory reason. The meetings are done once a week most frequently or once a month at the latest unless there is a compulsory reason. Each meeting has to have an agenda and the articles of the agenda are determined by the team members in the previous meeting.

The outputs of the meeting are reported to the chief executive officer at most 1 day after the day when the meeting is made.”

It is planned that the communication team, commissioned in the organization of the Aktaş Holding, acts jointly according to the directive determined.

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